Alpha Omega is a thrilling, comprehensive, and adaptable role-playing game. Alpha Omega provides players a unique and innovative rule set with optional layers of complexity. These optional rules are presented to add realism and strategy, but can be set aside to simplify and expedite game play.

The Encountered: Volume I

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The Encountered: Volume One contains over 200 creatures and 285 pages, with full color illustrations, orthographic views, rules for creature creation, templates for modifying or customizing creatures, an encounter management guide and several optional factions.

As humanity struggles to survive, Earth is all but lost to the almighty, purifying force of nature. Many creatures roam the wild jungles, forests and desolate tundra that have replaced what was once sprawling cities and carefully controlled land. Some are sentient and benevolent, watching over those that stray into the Wilds, however, most are predators of incredible power, hunting the denizens of the New World.

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"If you want a game that brings a fresh perspective on the Sci-Fi RPG, I definitely recommend you give Alpha Omega a whirl. When combined with the strong, player-driven online community that Mind Storm Labs has built, this game could provide many hours of enjoyable roleplay." » Mad Brew Labs

"Now that I've spent some delicious, delicious time with Alpha Omega, I have a little something to share: This game gives me wood." » Gnome Stew

"The bottom line: despite my quibbles, I want to play, and I expect to have fun doing it. I'll say it again: the art is wonderful. The production values are over the top. It's a very unique, extremely well designed spells-and-guns-post-apocalyptic setting. This is some cool shit. I'm putting it right on my shelf next to Shadowrun and Rifts, but I'm playing Alpha Omega next."
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Alpha Omega Core Rulebook

$44.95, Free Shipping anywhere in North America

The Alpha Omega Core Rulebook is a 404 page, full color illustrated guide with hundreds of pieces of fantastic art, created by some of the most talented artists in the industry, that truly bring the world of Alpha Omega to life. The Core Rulebook has been nominated for two Ennie Awards for Best Production Value and Best Interior Art.

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Players find themselves in a richly detailed, post-apocalyptic Earth where mankind stands on the brink of extinction. Our planet is about to become the battleground for otherworldly creatures of incredible power as they wage an ancient war. The End of Times seems to have arrived. Are angels and demons walking among us, or is there a larger chain of events unfolding?

All is not lost...Alliances are forming and mankind is learning to evolve and unlock its hidden potential...Heroes are emerging...heroes like you.

To learn more about Alpha Omega listen to Atomic Array Episode 012.

Milk Run

$5.00, PDF Download

Are you ready to head into the unknown at the request of a total stranger for a dubious promise of financial reward? Of course you are...

Milk Run is the first official adventure set in the Alpha Omega universe. Milk Run is a 70 page adventure with full color illustrations, pre made characters, new NPC's, creatures and vehicles. It's designed for 4-5 players for play over 1-2 sessions. Of course you are free to build your own, but we have provided 6 pre-generated characters for you to choose from so you can get started right away!

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Alpha Omega Starter Bundle

$69.99, Free Shipping anywhere in North America

The Alpha Omega Starter Bundle includes a copy of the Alpha Omega Core Rulebook, The Encountered: Volume I and Milk Run (PDF download)—the first Alpha Omega adventure.

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