About Mind Storm Labs

With offices in Ottawa, Orlando and Houston, Mind Storm Labs is focused on producing games that will bring life back to the table-top game market and break the mould of common, repeating themes that haunt the industry today. As gamers ourselves, we realize that players deserve a level of effort from producers and designers that exceeds simply using available gaming licenses and engines. We have challenged ourselves to create a unique, adaptive rule set, simple and flexible, but detailed enough to accurately represent the real world. It is a system designed to allow players to use their imagination, to play at a pace fast enough to keep everyone at the table continuously engaged, and to enable characters to evolve and conduct actions without the restrictions of “classes” or “levels.” Most importantly, it is a system which will not burden players while they enjoy the excitement of the Alpha Omega world.

The team at Mind Storm Labs has over twenty years of experience playing, designing, and implementing role-playing settings and themes, all of which has culminated in the production of our flagship title Alpha Omega, released in 2008.