Mind Storm Labs Unleashes Alpha Omega: The Beginning and The End—2007's biggest internet buzz maker is making waves in the role-playing game world.

The Revelations Have Begun!

ORLANDO, Fla. and OTTAWA, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/—It turns out Ethan Haas was right. The Ethan Haas teaser website attracted over 8.5 million visits in 12 days and ignited a firestorm of speculation and excitement online. Mind Storm Labs, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and Orlando, FL, launched the Ethan Haas site inviting visitors to solve a series of puzzles which in turn revealed some of the mysteries of the Alpha Omega world.

Now the truth has been revealed with the launch of the Alpha Omega Core Rulebook, a 404 page full-color epic. The Core Rulebook is the first of many products that allow gamers to enter the world of Alpha Omega and become a part of its evolving story. Gamers around the world are rushing to secure their copies from the Alpha Omega Online Store at

First impressions from January 18's launch party were outstanding and the bar has been set high with the superior production quality of its flagship product.

Co-creators David Carter and Earl Fischl began their quest to create the rich, diverse universe of Alpha Omega in early 2005, after being inspired by theories of alien races visiting Earth and affecting the outcome of humanity. To this end, two of the main catalysts in the ever-evolving plotline, the Seraph and Ophanum, are alien species about to return to Earth where they will once again wage their ancient war.

The world of Alpha Omega takes place in a futuristic, war-torn, and savage Earth, where society as we know it no longer exists. Today's major population centers have been reduced to rubble and decay. New city-states have risen from the ashes and offer refuge to those survivors that dare to carry on. New species of animals and plants populate the Earth, mixing, interacting and fighting to survive.

Alpha Omega has positioned itself to stand alone from other RPGs. Carter and Fischl have created a richly painted universe that is limitless in detail, expansion and content, supported by a layered system of game mechanics which allow players to customize their game play experience. Even those uninitiated into the world of RPGs will be able to enjoy and participate in Alpha Omega. Alpha Omega is all about imagination and players are encouraged to use their own to create characters, equipment, powers, abilities, etc. to make Alpha Omega their own.

About Mind Storm Labs

The team at role playing game maker Mind Storm Labs has over twenty years of experience playing, designing, and implementing role-playing games and RPG themes. With the assistance of talented artists, designers and much creative energy, the effort has culminated in the production of their flagship RPG, Alpha Omega.

Mind Storm Labs, Orlando, FL/Ottawa, Ont.

David Carter, World Designer. Earl Fischl, World Designer. Tom McLaughlin, President.

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