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Alpha Omega Core Rulebook

Alpha Omega

Mind Storm Lab’s flagship product, Alpha Omega, is a thrilling, comprehensive, and adaptable role-playing game. Alpha Omega provides players a unique and innovative rule set with optional layers of complexity. These optional rules are presented to add realism and strategy, but can be set aside to simplify and expedite game play.

Players find themselves in a richly detailed, post-apocalyptic Earth where mankind stands on the brink of extinction. Our planet is about to become the battleground for otherworldly creatures of incredible power as they wage an ancient war. The End of Times seems to have arrived. Are angels and demons walking among us, or is there a larger chain of events unfolding? All is not lost... Alliances are forming and mankind is learning to evolve and unlock its hidden potential... Heroes are emerging... heroes like you.

Milk Run: An Alpha Omega Adventure

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